40% of clothing is never sold, never worn.

Pile of wasted sneakers

Sneaker companies do their best to estimate how many to make in what size, what style, what color. But very often their estimates are terribly wrong. All that wrongness can’t be sold so it gets dumped and burned.

Introducing the Zero Waste, 100% Sustainable Sneaker.

All White Sneaker

If you don’t buy it,
we don’t make it.

With BlangBlang you choose your style, your color combination and expression of yourself. We show you a digital version so you get the exact sneaker that fits your wishes. And then our AI makes sure it’s made to fit each of your feet precisely. That’s why every sneaker we make gets sold and worn. Which is a blessing for your feet ... and for the environment.

If this matches your values, BlangBlang enables you to wear what you are.

You aren’t always the same you.

Heraclitus said “You can’t step into the same river twice“. A
constant flow, the water you step into is never the same. You and your body are also constantly changing. When our Generative AI makes your BlangBlang sneakers, it
accommodates them to your flow of changes.

Order your first pair and you take photos of your naked foot. For every additional pair, use your smartphone to take photos wearing your BlangBlangs. Our algorithm compares them with the original photos and recognizes the changes from the shape of your sneaker. So for your next pair it reconfigures the sneakers to again give you a precise fit never before possible. It also recognizes over time the changes in your preferences of style and color and notes the changes in your personal wishes. So it can work together with you to help you find the exact sneakers to fit your current mood.

100% Recyclable

If you decide to part ways with the old you, send your BlangBlangs back to us. Made of natural materials, we’ll recycle them for you. Every single bit will be reused by us or by a selected partner.

Fashion is responsible for 10% of all global CO2 emissions.

Lot of Containers

If part of who you are believes sustainability is vital to the health of our planet, you’ll want to reduce these emissions as much as possible. Most are caused by the long transportation distances between you and where they’re made. But BlangBlangs are made in a nano factory near you. Instead of producing far away, we’re bringing production back to where the customer is.

Using our own small-sized, AI guided tools,  the entire production can be done by 1 person in a 30 square meter workshop. Your BlangBlang sneakers will be sourced, made and sold to you from near you. That’s why BlangBlangs have the lowest CO2 emissions of any sneaker on the market.

Mass Production vs Nano Factories

If you manufacture millions of sneakers, knowing that you will only sell 60% of them, your company has to keep costs as low as possible. This means working conditions are often not only terrible, they’re dangerous.

Does part of you want to know who makes your BlangBlang sneakers? As we reach our goal, they will be someone local.

If you want to know what the working conditions are like, stop by, say “Hello!”“ and see for yourself.

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100% Fit Guarantee

Every sneaker is designed to fit both of your feet perfectly.
If you’re not satisfied with the fit, send them back, and we’ll give you a full refund.
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