Now you wear what you are.

No longer is  "Know thyself" an abstract credo. Each individual BlangBlang is made to fit a single individual foot with absolute precision.  Your foot and BlangBlang become one. So you experience your authentic foot as it really is.Over time you understand better your preferences for style and color and incorporate your personal wishes. You really do get to know and show yourself.So with BlangBlang you can actually wear what you are.

Know what your foot is like from the inside out.

What your eyes see
What your eyes see
What our algorithm sees
What our algorithm sees

BlangBlang, the first physical item ever made using Generative AI, makes sneakers so you can be you. Use our App to take photos anytime, anywhere with your smartphone.

Our AI not only records the outer surface, it also pinpoints the joints and muscles which power each and every move your foot makes. So BlangBlang sneakers fit with a precision never before possible -- even when your foot is in motion.  We call the result Tragegenuss, meaning "to wear bliss". It’s what happens when you are you.

What Does Being You Mean To You?

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This is William.

He was an architect until he decided he wanted to change the way apparel is made. Why ready-to-wear? Why not made-just-for-you wear? Why not a sneaker that not only fits precisely, but gives you feedback to help you make better choices for yourself? After 5 years he had a patenton the unique process he developed. Which is why you can wear what you are.

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100% Fit Guarantee

Every sneaker is designed to fit both of your feet perfectly.
If you’re not satisfied with the fit, send them back, and we’ll give you a full refund.
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