Blang*Blang Sneakers

Walk Run Jump with greater comfort

No two feet are shaped alike, not even a person’s own. In fact, your two feet don’t actually share the same size. But you can only buy one size and one shape for both. No wonder you won’t get as much out your movements as you could.

With Blangers We Personalize Your Entire Foot

What your eyes see
What your eyes see
What our algorithm sees
What our algorithm sees

There’s Only One Shape and One Size for Each Foot: Yours. And it’s all made possible by a remarkable new algorithm.

With just a few photos, our revolutionary algorithm captures your outer foot. But remarkably, it can also pinpoint the joints and muscles inside your foot which control and power your foot’s movement.

With the personalized fit of our natural leather, blangers move in sync with every movement your foot makes. You get more comfort and pleasure in move after move after move. So comfortable, you might just forget you’re wearing them.

Discover the Emotion in Motion

Doing your thing.
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Experience a sneaker that is made for your feet only.

Made of 100% natural material. For the pleasure of a natural feel.

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100% Fit Guarantee

Every sneaker is designed to fit both of your feet perfectly.
If you’re not satisfied with the fit, send them back, and we’ll give you a full refund.
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