Frequently Asked Questions

The sneaker

Which materials do you use?

All materials are locally sourced where the sneakers are made. The sneakers sole is plastic-free, made out of silicon, which is safe to skin contact with no allergic reactions and keeps unpleasant odors out. We use eco-certified leather that uses low-carbon methods for color dying. Laces are long-lasting quality laces sourced from certified partners.

My Sneaker

Why are my blangers smaller than any other shoe I have?

blangers fit perfectly for your foot. Standard sized shoes, however, have to “fit” anyone. Hence, they have extra space of up to 2 cm making them artificially big.

Why is one sneaker very tight and the other one less so?

Many people have differently sized feet. For standard sized shoes it means that the shoe for the larger foot feels systematically tighter than the one for the smaller foot.
For blangers, on the contrary, the sneaker for the smaller foot fits perfectly. It feels tighter, since your smaller foot is simply not used to being in a fitting shoe.

Why are my blangers so tight?

blangers fit perfectly. They are like a second skin. You can feel them all over your foot. This feels new or even strange when you get your first blangers.
Standard-sized shoes don’t fit. You only feel them at certain points.


Why are only some colors available?

The available colors in the app reflect the currently available leather and silicon colors in our store. Some of the colors are not always available from our European suppliers.

Why can I not combine any leather color with any sole color?

We have tested hundreds of color combinations and restricted your choice to those aesthetically matching best. In our tests we had some crazy color combinations. It turned out, customers did not wear these blangers’ a lot because of their look.

The App

Is there an Android App?

The blangers Android App is planned. We have no specific release date yet.

The Company

Are you a custom tailor?

No. blangers converts measurements into cut patterns based on an algorithm. We create a digital twin that learns and changes with you. In contrast, custom tailors largely rely on craftsmanship which follows rather stringent rules. As a result, blanger sneakers truly represent your individual physiology.

for more information

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100% Fit Guarantee

Every sneaker is designed to fit both of your feet perfectly.
If you’re not satisfied with the fit, send them back, and we’ll give you a full refund.
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