You wear what you are

Commit to your authentic self. With BlangBlang. You wear your precise fit. Your style. Your preferences. Your personality. The only way to be more authentic is to go naked.

Made for your foot only.

Discover yourself: the most precise fit ever made; the styles you like; your preferences. Wear what you feel about yourself.

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You place an order


AI Looks at photos


AI Designs precision-fit


You wear what you are

Get to know yourself.

Here’s how

If you cherish our planet, BlangBlang is who you are.

Zero Waste. 100% Recyclable. Lowest CO2 emissions of any sneaker on the market.

Hisako wearing BlangBlang sneakers

“The vivid sneaker for one more accent”

1 / 9
Maria wearing BlangBlang sneakers

“I like them for traveling by plane, because my feet are so relaxed.”

María Teresita
2 / 9
Hamed wearing BlangBlang sneakers

“The quality and design are impressive. They are perfect for everyday use and special occasions.”

Hamed Farshid
3 / 9
Lucas wearing BlangBlang sneakers

“I love my Blangers. Although being my most comfortable sneakers, I prefer to save them for social occasions to be remembered with them.”

Lucas Schneider
4 / 9

“Great – they are something special. The material, the color, the design, and the sustainability”

Reiner Haeselich
5 / 9

“Soft and cozy. They both fit perfectly.”

Deniz Turgay
6 / 9

“Very comfortable and healthy walking. Feels good to know how they were produced. Cool company.”

Leonie Pahl
7 / 9

“When I'm out and about, my feet feel comfortable. The leather is very nice and soft. I have a good foot climate even when I wear them for long periods of time.”

Walter Schwab
8 / 9

“It’s a great shoe concept. I like wearing the shoe.”

Martin Kayser
9 / 9

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